Wednesday, November 30, 2016

International Travel off the Beaten Path

Vectra Networks Regional Manager Aric Keck facilitates the sale of threat management software for Intel Corporation. When he finds time away from his work in sales, Aric Keck enjoys international travel to a wide range of locations.

International travel is an enriching way to explore new landscapes and new cultures. Rather than sticking to the most popular locales, consider visiting one of these lesser-known destinations next time you venture abroad.

- Armenia. Though the region has a rocky history, Armenia is largely safe to visit and home to a host of beautiful churches and a newly flourishing tourism industry. Agricultural home stays are popular, as are intimate bed and breakfasts run by local families.

- Turkey. In addition to a wealth of ancient architectural marvels and cultural destinations of note, Turkey is home to the Pamukkale Thermal Pools. Access to most of the beautiful hot springs is limited in order to protect the UNESCO World Heritage Site, but visitors can still relax in many of the smaller hot springs.

- Kosovo. Newly independent, the small European nation is perfect for the adventurous traveller. It is inexpensive, especially when taking advantage of the local hospitality. Guides and horses can be rented easily, perfect for tours of the mountainous areas around the villages.